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In this corner, we have Taylor Swift. In the other corner, we have a New York chauffeur service accusing her of, among other things, making a lot of diva demands. Will the pop star be able to "Shake It Off"?

According to a new lawsuit, Taylor struck a deal earlier this year with a chauffeur service with an agreement to drive her around New York. And, the lawsuit says, the company agreed to get two new cars at Taylor's request.

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However, three weeks after making the request, Taylor, who now embraces her "feminist" side, pulled out of the agreement and left the company paying the lease on the two new cars, both of which they got solely for her.

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Aside from the fact that Taylor backed out of the leased-car agreement, the lawsuit also alleges that she had one major diva demand: The driver was not allowed to speak to her.

Hmm. Maybe Taylor actually is the unnamed mean girl who Katy Perry once referenced?

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