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Taylor Swift proved Wednesday night, Oct. 7, that she is in fact human, and not the flawless goddess we all think her to be.

While out in New York City, the "Bad Blood" singer was spotted with concealer that was just a touch too light for her skin.

Or maybe she was just getting into the spirit of Halloween and wanted to add a ghostly touch to her look?

Even though she did suffer a little makeup mishap, the rest of her look was completely on point.

Taylor rocked her signature cat eye and then went very Audrey Hepburn in a black turtleneck tucked into some black jeans along with ankle booties.

The makeup snafu might not have been completely Taylor's fault though. Some makeup looks great when you're applying in the bathroom, then someone takes a picture of you and you realize you didn't blend enough.

Don't worry, Taylor, it happens to us all.