What will Dr. Drew have to say about this? Adam Lind, Teen Mom 2 star and ex to Chelsea Houska, is expecting a baby daughter with his girlfriend, Taylor Halbur.

After pleading guilty to his third drunk driving charge in a year, Lind, 22, father to 3-year-old Aubree, was sentenced to 180 days in Minnehaha Country jail in South Dakota on March 27, 2013, according to Teen Mom Confidential.

During the trial, Lind's public defender, Daniel Haggar, revealed that Halbur was pregnant while explaining to the judge how much financial pressure Lind has been under.

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"He has a 3-year-old daughter," Haggar reportedly said. "He has child support obligations for her. He is caught up, so I think that is to his credit. We see a lot of people who don’t take that responsibility seriously. He has and he does. He intends on keeping that current."

"He also has another child on the way in August, so he is feeling pressure on both sides and I think that it is adding up," Haggar added.

Lind currently works part-time on his father's dry wall business and is on work-release in jail, meaning he can leave prison to complete his job duties.

While Lind concentrates on his legal problems, Halbur has been tweeting pictures of her growing belly and sonogram photos. 

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In a April interview with Gather.com, she said that she and Lind are staying strong throughout the pregnancy.

"We are trying to better our relationship and work on our own faults within the relationship," she said. "He is trying very hard to be the best he can be and is doing all he can to make sure we do not falter. He has told me plenty of times that he wants to do things right this time."

Indeed, at the March sentencing, Lind -- who's served numerous jail time in the past -- told the judge that the DUI charges (which happened after season 4 filming wrapped) were a wakeup call for him. 

"I got all those DUIs after I turned 21,” he said. "I thought I could drive and get away with it. I just kept doing it. Now I realize I can’t do it anymore. It’s got to stop."

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For Houska's part, the Teen Mom star seems to be keeping her distance from the pair. According to Gather, Halbur said she "no relationship" at the moment with Houska, but that her own relationship with Aubree "is great." Due in August, Halbur shared that she's just focused on the incoming arrival of she and Lind's new addition. 

"The pregnancy is going very well," she said. "Adam and I are both very excited about it and couldn't be happier."

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