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It's a Twitter war of the MTV reality stars!

Jenelle Evans of "Teen Mom" has faced her share of critics during her stint on MTV's popular parenting series, and now the mom of 3-year-old Jace is lashing out at pregnant Snooki, attacking her so-called plan to mother her son-to-be, Lorenzo.

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"OMG no offense... but you call ME a bad mother... but look what @snooki said about her baby... thats straight F--KED UP," Evans, 20, tweeted Tuesday, posting an image of the "Jersey Shore" star along with a dubious quote she supposedly said about parenting her son, due this fall.

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"There is no way I'm changing any diapers when my baby is born. That is disgusting. That's what maids are for and babysitters. I don't have time for that. I'll have them do that stuff," the phony quote that originated on Reddit.com reads. "I'll be there for the good parts, like dressing my son up and making sure he got style. You don't have to cook or clean or change diapers to be a good mother. My son will have everything he wants. He's going to be a little star like his mommy."

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Users on Reddit.com immediately doubted the quote Evans tweeted, and Snooki herself took to Twitter to confirm its inauthenticity.

"FYI, I can't wait to change my kid's sh---y diapers & I don't even believe in maids. Just saying," she snapped.

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Evans, however, was unable to see Snooki's reply, since the Jersey Shore star, 24, blocked her on the microblogging site.


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