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Terrence Howard is not pleased he was replaced in the Iron Man sequel over a reported salary dispute.

"Marvel made a choice, and it was a very, very bad choice," the actor -- whose role was given to Don Cheadle -- tells "They didn't keep their word. They didn't honor my contract."

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Howard says producers didn't share the profits of the flick -- which earned over $318 million -- with most of the actors.

"They produced a great bounty with the first one, but they put it all in the storehouse and you were not allowed in," he says. "They did the same thing with Gwyneth Paltrow, from what I've been told.

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The only person who got a raise?

"They did it with everyone but Robert Downey [Jr]," fumes Howard. "One of the things that actors need to do is always stick together: one for all, and all for one."

Even though he's upset, he's not spilling any details from the anticipated sequel.

"I've seen the script, I know what's going to happen -- but I'm not revealing anything. I believe in karma," he says. "When someone does something wrong, you don't have to get them back. Everything right will return the favor for you."

He'll still watch the follow up -- which also stars Scarlett Johansson -- in theaters.

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"I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the movie. I want to see Don Cheadle become me. No, I want him to do better than me," Howard says. "That's what I really want to see. Don Cheadle was the reason I got Crash, so I have a lot of love for him."