It may have been the most shocking first rose ceremony ever (isn’t it always?) but when it comes to The Bachelor season premiere, it was the dresses that left us, well, speechless. Here are our least favorite looks from The Bachelor premiere.

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-Kelly: Just because the Bachelor is on the same network as Nashville doesn’t make it an open audition. The singing Tennessean looked like she borrowed her bejeweled white dress from the costume department of the cruise ship she works on.

-Katie: It’s going to take more than a few cleansing breaths to help us get over the spunky yoga instructor's first impression. The hair. The earrings. The oddly placed cutouts. But what we can't stop ruminating about is that she was barefoot! This is the Bachelor mansion, Katie. You should be wearing shoes at all times. Including in the shower.

-Daniella: The California-based tv host opted for an embellished, nude, chiffon gown. Love the look? Recreate it using a bedazzler and Ace bandages!

-Ashley H: We could see how Ashley’s dress would be really gorgeous… if this were a remake of the Little Mermaid. Sean let her go on the first night. Guess he just didn't want to be part of her world.

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