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Jimmy Kimmel and Vienna Girardi made peace with one another Thursday night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" when she and her fiancé, "The Bachelor"'s Jake Pavelka, visited his show.

Last week, Jimmy told Ellen DeGeneres that he bet $100,000 that Jake would pick Ali and insinuated that it would not be a good decision to choose Vienna. Flash-forward to Thursday night when Vienna is the one sitting on his couch and Jimmy felt bad he had bashed her on television. She was able to laugh it off and even brought him a gift--100 Grand candy bar--to make up for his lost wager of "The Bachelor" outcome.

The late-night talk show host held up a series of popular magazines featuring Vienna on the cover. She was eager to find out what new rumors were being spread about her today. "I have a huge personality that was even more amplified on the show," she explained to Jimmy. He even edited her on Newsweek and Sports Illustrated with phony headlines.

Although the duo's engagement did not become public knowledge until Monday night, they had been secretly seeing one another for three months until the show's airing. Vienna credited "disguises" for allowing undercover outings, adding, "You should see him in a mustache."

Despite getting off to a somewhat rough start with Jake's family on the show's finale, Vienna said she now lives up to the high expectations they set after meeting Tenley and "I talk to his mom like twice a day." The couple maintains that they are going to hold of on setting a wedding date right now, but Vienna revealed that she will "absolutely" take the name Pavelka when they exchange vows.

Jake has found love, so now he is hard at work, channeling his passion in the ballroom for his "Dancing with the Stars" debut. Vienna said, "I'll be his biggest cheerleader. Chelsea [Hightower] can have him on the dance floor, [but] he comes home to me."

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