Christie's auction house expects to make "at least $10,000" off the sale of a 30-year-old nude photo of Madonna. For interested parties on a budget, we suggest a free celebrity nudity clearinghouse called "the Internet." (MSN Music)

Jackass stuntguy Johnny Knoxville was detained by security at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday after it was discovered that his luggage contained an "inert grenade." Knoxville maintained it was a prop--presumably for a new film titled "the stupidest thing you could possibly bring on a plane." (MSN TV)

Beyonce Knowles will serenade Barack and Michelle Obama during their Inaugural first dance, though the specific song she'll sing remains a secret. Note to Beyonce: a "Single Ladies" and "Naughty Girl" mash-up is change we can believe in. (MSN Music)

Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck announced that they've named their newborn baby girl "Seraphina." Maternity wards in bougie suburbs all across America brace for copy-cat crimes. (MSN Movies)

Former supermodel and alleged chucker-of-cell phones Naomi Campbell has quietly settled an abuse suit filed by her former maid, Gaby Gibson. We look forward to Gibson's first book on the subject: "Provoking Notoriously Volatile Supermodels for Fun and Profit." (MSN Movies)