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Tom Cruise has given thousands of interviews over the years, but he's probably never done one in a bathroom before -- until now, at least!

According to TMZ, the A-list actor conducted an interview while using a urinal at a college football game on Oct. 17.

The "Jack Reacher" star attended the LSU and University of Florida game at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, during a break from shooting the upcoming sequel in New Orleans.

Tom was spotted hanging out in the stands with LSU fans before joining athletic director Joe Alleva in his private booth. He also crossed paths in the mean's room with a local sports reporter for Baton Rouge's The Advocate.

The eager beaver took advantage of the opportunity to ask Tom a quick question about his first college football game: "Just peed next to Tom Cruise," Ross Dellenger tweeted. "Tom Cruise, during our pee together, on #LSU game (his first CFB game): 'Memorable. Exciting. Everything else will pale in comparison.'"

Dellenger added in a follow-up tweet, "Tiger Stadium is playing the song from Risky Business, starring ... TOM CRUISE."

The actor may have been good luck for the LSU Tigers. They bested the Florida Gators 35 to 28.