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If Tori Spelling thought her long-running feud with mom Candy was nasty, she got some unwelcome perspective this week courtesy of Star magazine, which claims her relationship with husband Dean McDermott "has been a lie from the get-go."

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"Living a lie!" blares the cover. "Dean's in it for money & fame ... Poor Tori tricked into marriage and there's no prenup!"

An irate Spelling took to Twitter on Wednesday night to denounce the tab's allegations about her three-year union to McDermott, which has produced two children, Liam, 2, and Stella, 1, and their current hit reality show, "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood."

"R they kiddin? DON'T believe!" she tweeted. "Uggh. Hate tabloid lies!"

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The unkind accusations are the work of McDermott's supposed "best pal," a chatty and seemingly disloyal guy named Michael Olifiers, who tells the tabloid (in a "world exclusive interview"), "Dean's always been desperate to become famous. He craved being in the spotlight and Tori's his ticket to that life."

Spelling and McDermott fell for each other in 2005 while filming the Lifetime movie "Mind Over Murder." Both were married at the time, Tori to actor-writer Charlie Shanian, and Dean to Canadian TV host Mary Jo Eustace, with whom he has a son (they adopted a daughter shortly before the split, but he reportedly has no legal responsibility for the tot).

According to Olifiers, Dean was initially turned off by the thought of cozying up with his co-star on camera. "I can't believe I have to kiss her," he purportedly sniped the night before a love scene. "She looks like a horse!"

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Then Olifiers gets really nasty. He accuses McDermott of "scheming to latch onto Tori's fame and fortune," which he maintains included persuading her not to have him sign a prenup when they got hitched in May 2006, a month before her moneybags producer father, Aaron Spelling, passed away.

Tori reportedly received less than a million dollars in her dad's will, a situation Olifiers contends left McDermott "livid." Now, he figures, the reality show stars are "exploiting their relationship" and will "do everything and anything to make money from their fame."

Tori, who has written two well-reviewed best-sellers and just launched a children's clothing line, says she and Dean read the article together and were "grossed out" by the "uncreative lies." But she's taking a lemonade-from-lemons approach to the tabloid bashing, declaring that it "made us appreciate R life & love more & made us sad 4 those that spread lies. Bad Mo Jo!"

And besides, concludes Spelling, "Happiness is the best revenge on the haters!"

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