How is Hollywood celebrating Easter? More than a dozen stars shared their holiday plans with fans via Twitter beginning March 30, including Tori Spelling, Justin Timberlake and Rebel Wilson.

"Any other grown women creeping through their yard at the break of dawn hiding small multi-colored objects in bushes?" Spelling, 39, asked her followers. "When Hattie awoke this a.m., the first thing I heard her say on her monitor: "Eggies!' My littlest lady is ready for Easter."

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While Spelling tweeted about her family's festivities, Timberlake, 32, and Wilson, 27, were more excited about the holiday-themed candy they received. "What do y'all know about Cadbury Cream Eggs though? Reese's Chocolate/Peanut Butter Eggs? Y'all don't hear me," Timberlake tweeted. "Happy Easter!"

"Happy Easter everyone!" Bachelorette's Wilson echoed. "I'm hunting chocolate bunnies with my mouth!"

Read on to see what the other celebrities have to say about the holiday:

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Julie Bowen: "Happy Easter Lets reschedule the preachy talk about a sugar- and gluten-free diets until after the jelly bean gorging."

Victoria Justice: For those of you who celebrate, I want to wish you a very happy Easter! To those of you who don't, happy Sunday!

Bill Rancic: "Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!"

Kim Kardashian: "Happy Easter everyone!"

Julianne Hough: "On our way to church for Easter Sunday!"

Roseanne Barr: "Happy Easter, Christian friends!"

Nick Jonas: "Happy Easter everyone."

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Katherine Heigl: "Happy Easter to everyone out there today!"

Rachelle Lefevre: "Whether you're in it for Jesus or just for the chocolate, happy Easter!"

Rev Run: "God Bless you and yours on this Easter Sunday!"

Bella Thorne: "Share the gift of faith with others during the Easter season. Pray and hope this will make our world a kinder place for everyone."

Monica Potter: "Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all have an amazing and fun time with your loved ones today (and that you eat your fill of chocolate)!

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