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Britney Spears apparently wants sons Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 2, to have childhood memories of her that don't involve mobs of paparazzi or police sirens, which is why she decided to take the tykes along on her Circus tour.

"It's all about history," the popster explains to Hello! magazine (via the London Daily Mirror). "What we as mothers are doing is creating history with our kids that we can look back on. When they're adults I want my kids to say 'Mom worked so hard, but she was always there for us.'"

If that sounds like something Madonna might say, there could be a good reason for that. A source tells the mag that it was the Big M who encouraged Brit to tour with her boys (ex-husband Kevin Federline is also tagging along and reportedly receiving a nice bit of pocket change for his trouble).

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"Madonna told her, 'Keep them close when you're on the road," relays the insider. "It's a life they learn to accept, as long as they're with their mom."

Spears, who also had Sean and Jayden in tow when she headed to Santa Barbara, Calif., on Wednesday for a two-day video shoot for her latest single, "Radar," is doing her best to put her custody-losing, public meltdown-suffering past behind her.

"Number one priority for me? My kids," says Britney, who will head to England with her rug rats next week for the next leg of her tour. "They come first. If the boys are okay, everything else falls into place."

In other mommy news, it may not look like Tori Spelling spends a lot of time in the kitchen these days, but she's all about homemade vittles when it comes to 11-month-old daughter Stella. In a video interview posted this week on MySpace, she reveals how she's now whipping up her own baby chow.

"People are probably like, 'Tori Spelling doesn't do that. She probably has someone that cooks for her,'" she says. "No, actually I don't. And I actually make my own baby food!"

The first time Stella tried her home cooking, "Her face lit up," recalls Tori. "She had this huge smile. And I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is like an infomercial of why you should make your own baby food.'"

(Something tells us not to be surprised if the marketing-savvy Spelling has plans to release a baby cookbook -- suggested title: "Tori's Tot Noshes" -- in the not too distant future.)

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In related baby food news, is Suri Cruise showing off feats of dexterity far beyond her three years? In an item we urge you to take with a pu-pu platter-sized grain of salt, Star claims the ubiquitous daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes refuses to eat without chopsticks.

"Suri doesn't like to eat with anything else," says a source, who adds that during a recent outing to a New York bakery, "She wouldn't touch her sandwich and pastries without them!"

And in a final, and more reliable, bit of baby babble, Tom Brady's limited time with 22-month-old son Jack has helped him find the fun in what's generally considered the least enjoyable part of parenting.

"I don't see him every day and we play when I change his diaper: lifting his leg up, playing with his toes, biting his feet," the New England Patriots quarterback tells Sports Illustrated (he shares custody with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan). "There's this different appreciation. If you had him every day, you'd go, Let's just get this done.' But when you get him, say, one week a month, you're like, This is so cool!'"

On Wednesday, paparazzi snapped Brady biking around Boston with Jack, who earlier in the day enjoyed lunch with newly minted stepmom Gisele Bundchen.

"[Gisele] is taller and hotter and skinnier than anyone imagined and she hugged and snuggled with the kid the whole time," an eyewitness enthuses to the Boston Herald. "Seemed really nice."

As for rumors that Bundchen has a genetically superior bun in the oven, Brady insists they're not true.

"No," he told reporters after practice on Thursday. "One is enough."

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