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Are Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony feuding over more babies?

Certainly, all seems well on the surface of the couple's nearly 5-year marriage. Jen recently gushed about how much she loves being a mom to twins Emme and Max, and she was by Marc's side at the VIP TopShop opening in New York.

Yet a friend tells The Daily News that, behind closed doors, Lopez is frustrated with being a stay-at-home mom. In fact, she's only willing to fulfill Marc's professed desire for a bigger family if he agrees to take equal responsibility for the new arrivals.

"[T]hese two have serious, serious issues," says the pal. "Jennifer feels like Marc is holding her career back, and she was sick of his social butterfly mentality while she stayed at home with the twins."

The anonymous friend continued, "[Jennifer] wants to make sure her marriage is secure before she has more kids ... She'll never give up the red carpet, and certainly doesn't want to be barefoot and pregnant, locked down or locked up."

But think of all the money she'd score for the exclusive baby cover shoot!