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"Two and a Half Men" star Holland Taylor has opened up about her battle with depression in a revealing new magazine interview.

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The actress, who played Charlie Sheen's mom on the show before he was fired in 2011, admits she hid her feelings from fans and employers but had days when she couldn't leave her house to go grocery shopping.

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She tells Parade magazine, "I've suffered depression from my early 40s into my mid-50s. (It was) bad enough for me to entertain the idea of going into a hospital. I actually wasn't a danger to myself, but I really sometimes wondered how I could get out of the house to go get food.

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"I was on antidepressants for over 15 years, with very intermittent counseling. It was a very dead period of my life. Antidepressants take away the lows but they also reduce the highs. And, for me, over a long period of time, they didn't really work. So I quit taking them, and my life has been afire since then."