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By Paige Ferrari

The harsh hand of the law has come down on Tyra Banks' stalker and delivered ... 1 year probation?

Yes, that's the full sentence for Brady Green, 39, who reportedly developed an "unhealthy obsession" with the supermodel turned talk show host.

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Once, Green sent Tyra a rose with a note that said, "When I see you, I love you." (If you don't remember that Green is now a convicted stalker, this actually sounds sort of sweet and fanboyish.)

During the hearing, Banks said that Green's ardor left her "terrified." Green, for his part, maintained that he only sent presents and showed up at Tyra's studio because he wanted tickets to her show. (Dude. Unnecessary. At least in New York, they practically slip those suckers under your door along with the Chinese food menus.)

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As part of his punishment, Green must stay away from Tyra for two years and attend an "anti-stalking course." We imagine the course curriculum involves looking at pictures of progressively more captivating supermodels, then deciding not to follow them places or send them creepy presents.

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