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By Melissa Hunter

Lindsay Lohan has had quite a few fails this year personally and professionally. In the leggings world, however, Lindsay reigns as queen of spandex. Her line, 6126, tweeted this picture of LiLo in leggings that seem to contain more holes that they do Lycra. And a neon yellow leopard top, if it qualifies as such.

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In terms of the Lindsay Lohan brand, this image fits right in. However, when it comes to 6126's mission statement, something about Lindsay and the branding doesn't quite add up. Let's take a look at the poem (yes, it's written in verse) on their homepage. It reads:

"Once upon a time...
chic was swank, elegance was a la mode, and glamour reigned."

Ooh, a fairy tale! I like where this is going.

"Today, 6126 honors the enchantment of classic allure.
Our collection salutes strong women who understand that confidence
is bewitching and playful sophistication is always in vogue."

OMG! I'm totally all those things!

"Welcome to the seductive world of 6126, a lifestyle brand of feminine power and grace.
Because the glamour of once upon a time is timeless."

OK, hang on. What are they selling again? Satin ballgowns? Let's take a moment to pull the buzz words out of that little sonnet: Glamour; chic; swank; elegance; a la mode; confidence; sophistication; power; grace. All the things everyone associates with Lindsay in a pair of holey leggings, naturally.

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Seriously, if they're trying to target their key audience who WANT to buy stretch pants hocked by Lindsay Lohan, I have some suggested edits to this poetry for you:

Once upon a time...
chic was swank, elegance was a la mode, and glamour reigned.
Today, girls wear liquid leggings over see-through shirts and pair it with some Uggs.
Welcome to the hot mess party world of Lindsay Lohan,
where you don't have to take off your pajamas to go get wasted at a club.

Now THAT'S a directed marketing campaign. Free of charge.