The Valiant universe has found its unifying force: A hero gone rogue whose misguided but noble intent to rebuild his long-lost home makes him global enemy No. 1.

That's the thrust of Valiant Entertainment's first super team book "Unity," which melds Valiant's roster of heroes as a force of one to not just thwart the powerful X-O Manowar, but to break him and, maybe, free a country.

For Valiant Entertainment, "Unity" expands the universe that found life and sales in the 1990s, faded out and was reborn anew in 2011 to acclaim.

Dinseh Shamdasani, Valiant's CEO, calls the book a logical process of the all the stories that have come since the relaunch.

He says the publisher is "doubling down on our commitment" to tell superhero stories and character drama.