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Vanessa Hudgens' style has been likened to that of a bohemian gypsy by nearly every blog and fashion mag that matters. And that's just fine by her.

In fact, the "Spring Breakers" star used those two exact words in the same sentence when we asked her to describe personal style. Go figure. Fashion aside, we also got the actress to dish on her favorite hobbies, filming her first sex scene and what movies changed her life.

WW: How would you describe your personal style?

Vanessa Hudgens: My style changes with my hair, to be honest. My extensions are back in. I have my long, luxurious locks. So the bohemian is back, but that's what I love, that's my favorite. It's summer time and being able to let the bohemian gypsy loose. So anything you would associate with gypsies or like fantasies, it's just fun. I love to be able to create my own reality, like I said.

WW: What do you do in your free time?

VH: I love painting. I love doing photography. I love styling my friends. I love doing their hair and makeup. I love anything that's in the form of self-expression. So I kind of do it all, to be honest.

WW: You star in "Spring Breakers." Did the experience make you want to go on a spring break vacation in real life?

VH: I honestly am not a fan of [spring break] and … the people on spring break. Big crowds are kind of my nightmare. They terrify me. So I wasn't really down with any of it. But my character's infatuated with it, so it was fun to be able to play that kind of a person.

WW: What was the hardest scene to shoot?

VH: The sex scene was terrifying because I've never done a sex scene before. But I was just so thankful that I had Ashley [Benson] there because if it was one on one, it would be way too intimate. So I had her to protect me. But it was super sweet, and [director] Harmony [Korine] is amazing. He never made us do anything we were uncomfortable with. He always wanted us to feel safe.

WW: Tell us about your wardrobe in the movie.

VH: The first day [of wearing a bikini on set] was a little bit unnerving, but you get used to it. It's like your costume. It's part of your transformation into this character. We loved our characters, so it became secondhand. Every day was so much fun because we kind of got to create our looks. Our wardrobe stylist was so amazing. She brought in so many options. I've never seen so many bathing suits before in my life. So it was fun. We really got to create our characters.

WW: What movies have shaken you up inside? Is there anything like that where you're like, when I saw that I thought differently about the world or thought differently about film?

VH: Man, a few. They're definitely not as edgy as this, but "Moulin Rouge," I remember, changed my life significantly. It's molded me into this hopeless romantic, and "The Notebook" as well, "Edward Scissorhands," as well, finding the fascination with the fantasy. So many films, but that's what good movies do, they change you, and they create you to be the person who you are.