Vanity Fair, purveyor of the famous yearly International Best Dressed List, has just come out with its Top 10 Best-Dressed Brides list. And lo and behold, more than a few celebrities have made the cut. After all, stars do have an edge in that they get a lot of practice wearing fancy dresses and posing for cameras.

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That said, one of the publication's favorite brides is Keira Knightley, who didn't choose a big ball gown for her big day, like most other rich and famous women. The actress' nuptials outfit? A sweet and simple strapless knee-length Chanel dress in blush pink that she reportedly had already wore once to a party in 2009. The recycled dress was paired with a Chanel jacket and ballet flats.

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Drew Barrymore also made the cut. Then pregnant with daughter Olive, the actress also chose Chanel for her wedding day, but her gown was more formal, featuring three-quarter sleeves and a dramatic, cascading gown.

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Other famous brides in the magazine's top 10 include Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel.

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