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British soccer player-turned-actor Vinnie Jones has issued a public apology to his wife after he was caught on camera kissing another woman.

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The "Snatch" star was recently pictured locking lips with Russian singer Lama Safonova outside a bar in Moscow, where he was been shooting a documentary, and video footage was subsequently posted online.

Jones was seen holding hands with 26-year-old Safonova and kissing her outside the venue where the film project's wrap party had been held.

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He has now issued a statement apologizing to his wife, Tanya, and branding the incident a "set-up."

Jones says, "I am humiliated, embarrassed and very sorry for this incident. It was a complete set-up, the whole thing. I totally love my wife Tanya and my two children. I am very sorry and my only concern right now is them ... Her [Sanofa's] boyfriend was the interpreter so it's just a joke. I've seen [the pictures] I know what they look like. I met her for 15 minutes, just went for a drink at the party and that was it."

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Jones has been married to Tanya for 18 years and they are parents to a son, as well as Tanya's daughter from a previous marriage.