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What happened to Ireland Baldwin? On June 18, photos on DailyMail.com emerged showing the model bruised, looking almost as if she'd been beaten up. According to the news outlet, that's exactly what happened.

Ireland, the newspaper said, "was attacked by three men on [June 15]," adding that the culprits had apparently been following the model.

Recently Ireland, 19, left the Soba Recovery Center where she had been during April dealing with what she called "emotional trauma." She is reportedly continuing outpatient rehab.

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"A week ago, a crew of guys were following Ireland around Malibu, tailing her car super close," a source told the DailyMail.com. "So Ireland came back to Soba Recovery Center and got one of the bodyguards at the center to come out and say the harassment needs to stop."

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But then came Monday, when Alec Baldwin's daughter was allegedly brutally attacked. "Three guys attacked Ireland," said the source.

Ireland didn't mention the alleged attack on Twitter, where she is active, but did write this cryptic message on June 15: "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh everything."

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Photos shown exclusively on the UK-based news outlet show Ireland's face scratched up in multiple places. In the images, she walks next to her new boyfriend, Jon Kasik, who she met at the facility.