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Gwyneth Paltrow shows off her kitchen skills in a new video posted on her blog, GOOP.

"I think about cooking all the time. It's what I lie in bed thinking about at night, which is maybe a problem!" admits the actress, who taped a PBS show in Spain with chef Mario Batali. (She was rarely spotted actually eating the food, though, and Batali later joked Paltrow worked out for "three hours a day.")

Paltrow, who says she learned to cook when she was 19 after getting sick of "frozen meatballs," goes on: "I'm inspired by ingredients, you know?

"Over the years, it's become a major passion," adds Paltrow, who whips up roast chicken, potatoes and a salad in the 7-minute video, available for download to an iPod. "I'm going to make what I call fast food -- super easy!"

Paltrow -- who once followed a strict macrobiotic diet -- excitedly debones a whole chicken, a skill, she says, she learned from her grandmother. She also describes learning to make potatoes in London. (After tossing around the pan messily, she gleefully announces, "I lost a tater!")

The salad is made from "lovely watercress, a little bit of this gorgeous arugula and beautiful radishes," she explains, before taking a tiny bite of the finished product.

"There you go -- dinner for four!" she declares.


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