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During a recent promotional event for the new film Milk, two of Hollywood's unlikeliest gay icons, Lindsay Lohan and Sean Penn, were spotted engaging in some very questionable activity. According to Fox News:"At Sean Penn's private dinner for Milk last week... Lohan showed up sans partner Samantha Ronson. Sources say she immediately sidled up to Penn, who took her under his wing, so to speak. 'They nuzzled,' says my observer, before taking off for an after party."While we're not exactly sure what 'nuzzling' even means, we're glad that this report contained no mention of the unlikely pair 'petting', 'caressing', or 'fondling' each other. Still no word on whether or not any 'cuddling' or 'canoodling' was involved, but whatever was going on, we can probably all agree that it's gross and wrong.