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@whitneycummings / Instagram 1 / 9

Weight gain, no shame!

Just a few days after going public about her intentional 25-pound weight gain, Whitney Cummings is (mostly) baring it all!

In a funny makeup-free Instagram photo, the actress and funny lady lays on the ground topless in the middle of her shoe closet. A strategically placed shoe covers her left breast while her hand covers her right.

"Thank you @karlawelchstylist for the shoegasm," she captioned the photo, showing her wearing only tight jeans and heels.

Whitney is clearly embracing her new, fuller body. On Monday, she told the "Today" show that she felt that she was "too skinny."

"I gained, like, 25 pounds, which I think I needed to," she said. "I was way too skinny before. I looked like I was passing away, like I was so skinny. It's not attractive."

The actress is well aware that actually gaining weight isn't typical of a celebrity, especially if it's not for a role. She described her weight gain as "this weird thing that nobody likes to do anymore."