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By Dana Flax, reporting by Mary S. Park

While hobnobbing with New York Fashion Week's stylish set at the Bryant Park Hotel last night, Wonderwall thought we'd chat up Whitney Port, the woman of the hour at the HauteLook Presents An Evening With (you guessed it) Whitney Port. We prodded her about her fashion line and two of her controversial former co-stars; read on to see what she told us.

Wonderwall: Tell us about your fashion line, Whitney Eve. How was the show at Bryant Park last season?

Whitney Port: It was surprisingly steady! Nothing horrible happened. We had a whole slew of plans and things got a little bit jumbled -- it's obviously hard to balance what filming [her show "The City"] needs and what my company needs and what I can do. We're working on a presentation to show my fall collection in March, but my samples are all completed and we're starting to sell them at Project in Vegas and then Coterie in New York.

WW: Congratulations! Is the N.Y. fashion scene a lot different from the L.A. one? Which one do you like better?

WP: I mean New York fashion is incomparable; it's so much better. It's the heart of the fashion industry, and it's the melting pot of all the fashion thinkers, and it's just so much more inspirational for me. I think LA is more about street wear, and kind of urban, but not as full on.

WW: I agree. Have you been watching your former boss Kelly Cutrone's show, "Kell on Earth"? How wild is she?

WP: I've seen a little bit of it. It's crazy. But I think it's great for Kelly. There's so many different sides of her that it's really interesting that they show that. On our show, they show this one side of her character, and I think it's important that people know that she has a daughter and she's an amazing mother and a really awesome businesswoman and a really strong force in the fashion industry. So it's cool that people get to see all the different angles of her.

WW: She seems terrifying.

WP: She can be. Kelly knows what she wants and she has no problem telling you how she feels at all, but at the same time she's sweet and generous and really comforting and supportive.

WW: What about your "Hills" co-star, Heidi Montag, she's been getting a lot of bad press lately. How do you feel about all of her plastic surgery?

WP: You know honestly the only thing I can say about that is just that it's sad for me. It's just sad to think that she thought that was necessary because she's such a beautiful young woman and she didn't need any of that but you know to each his own.

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