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As her family gathers by Bobbi Kristina Brown's bedside, a familiar face is MIA: Nick Gordon, who may or may not be her husband.

In fact, a source tell Us Weekly, Nick only visited Bobbi Kristina once, when she was initially admitted to North Fulton Hospital. She has since moved to another Atlanta-area hospital for better neurological care.

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"Nick hasn't been to visit Bobbi since she moved to this hospital," the insider told the magazine. "I think he's banned from seeing her. Nick spent the entire first day with her, but hasn't been back to see her."

The fact of the matter is he's actually banned from having contact with much of the Houston family after Whitney Houston's sister Marion Houston was granted a protective order against Nick last year. Nick is not allowed to be within 200 yards of Marion or her "immediate family," which of course applies to seeing Bobbi Kristina in the hospital since Marion is there.

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His absence comes as multiple reports reveal that he and Bobbi Kristina were actually never married, despite pubic and social media claims by both of them that they were. Nick reportedly gave Bobbi Kristina CPR after she was found facedown and unresponsive in a bathtub on Jan. 31.

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One familiar face, however, has been added to the troupe by Bobbi Kristina's bedside. On Feb. 5, Cissy Houston, Bobbi Kristina's grandma and Whitney's mother, arrived in Georgia to be with the family.

Though doctors have reportedly told Bobby Brown to take his daughter off of life support, Bobby is apparently steadfast in his belief that a miracle will happen and that Bobbi Kristina will pull out of it. He told a reporter on Feb. 5 that the family was praying heavily.

"Bobby and the whole family have either been by Bobbi's side or in a larger room where they have been praying and singing hymns," Us Weekly reported, saying that Bobby has specifically been singing hymns to his daughter as she remains unresponsive.

On Feb. 5, Bobbi Kristina's first cousin Jerod Brown encouraged friends via Facebook to pray for his cousin, writing that the the "odds are against her."