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Bruce Willis will never follow in his ex-wife Demi Moore's footsteps by signing up to a social networking Web site because he finds the online technology "disturbing."

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Moore and her husband, Ashton Kutcher are big fans of micro-blogging site, regularly updating thousands of followers about their daily activities.

But Willis hasn't bought into the trend and admits he is still slightly skeptical of the world's reliance on Internet communication.

He tells German website, "What really disturbs me is the danger that lies in the fact that people want to communicate information quicker and quicker. I am not a big fan of social networks in electronic form. If the electricity dies, we would have to go home right now."

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And the "Die Hard" star cites the death of pop icon Michael Jackson in June last year as proof of the frightening power of the Web.

He adds, "The whole world knew in four seconds or at least a short time. Ten, 20 years ago that would have been Utopic. Information gets more compact and quicker."

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