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A Danish woman is coming forward after 10 years with claims that she "auditioned" for the Church of Scientology to be Tom Cruise's girlfriend. The details are bizarre, sexual and descriptive.

Anette Iren Johansen, a dedicated Scientologist in 2005, said officials told her she was shooting a "training video" for the church, but there was a hair and makeup team and a production unit prepping her.

The then 27-year-old told the Daily Mail that she unknowingly participated in an audition to become the "Mission: Impossible" stars' arm candy. Now that Tom is single, the woman believes the screening process has likely started again.

"I thought it was pretty exciting," she said of the video, not knowing what it was. "I had normal looking clothes on, I don't wear so much make up, I don't need to. I don't wear lip stick or mascara. But they had this make up team. They said we had to put on. They had a big box of make up and brushes."

"They didn't want me to look completely natural. I stopped them when they wanted more and more make up, I said this is enough, I wanted to look like myself, not someone else," she said, but the Church was insistent.

"They wanted me to look perfect, the best they can get me. When the [devoted members] are given an order, they need to deliver, comply, they were pressured to make me look perfect. I was a little bit shocked, they were trying to change me."

Anette said that leaders began asking about her family life and other intimate details, including her sex life. Tom's then right hand man got downright personal.

She was allegedly asked, "Do you have any history of sexual irregularities?"

"I said: 'What do you mean?' And in my head, I'm thinking: 'Did he really ask that question?' He said any sexual perversions, I said no. He then asked if I had any homosexuality, any sex with the person of the same sex. He wanted to make sure I knew what he meant by sexual irregularities, so asked about perversions, homosexuality, threesomes, and I said no. He wanted to make sure my sexual record was clean. I didn't dare ask any questions back because he was very strict."

Rumors that women actually audition to be Tom's girlfriend has been circulating for years. Several years ago Iranian model Nazanin Boniadi was rumored to have auditioned.

Anette said, "My advice to any potential Tom Cruise interviewee is that they are never honest, they have a hidden purpose, they'll invite you in, but they want something from you."