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When did these kids get so big … and cool!?

It's been 10 years since Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler's kids were seen on MTV's reality show, "Meet the Barkers." Then, they were young little toddlers living an over-the-top lifestyle with their parents. Now, they're pre-teens with a hip and sassy sense of style.

Travis brought Landon, 11, and Alabama, 10, to the Teen Choice Awards on Aug. 16 and the family found themselves snapping funny pictures together backstage in the Candie's photobooth.

Travis donned a typical punk rock tanktop and hat (basically his signature look,) but his kids stole the show, and he seems perfectly fine with that.

Landon sported green hair and looks to have adopted his dad's rock and roll style, donning a black skull t-shirt, red high-top sneakers and sunglasses. Alabama looked cute and rock-friendly in a fur jacket, pink boa, sunglasses and a skirt that had nail polish bottles on it.

She appears to be wearing just a little bit of makeup and her hair looks to have a hot pink hue. Truthfully, she looks just like her mom, a former beauty queen.

The kids and Travis seem to be unfazed by the semi-recent ugliness between the Blink-182 drummer and Shanna. In December, they were both arrested for making death threats against each other. Although the couple had been split for nine years, they still lived together.