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Score? If a girl is lucky enough to get a date with Zac Efron, she may be lucky enough to ... well, get lucky. In a new interview with Glamour magazine, Efron and his "That Awkward Moment" co-stars, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller, revealed what they look for in women. When asked if they would respect a girl who would have sex on the first date, Efron gave a resounding yes.

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"Sex is a beautiful thing," said the 26-year-old actor. "I don't object."

Jordan, 27, however, did have an objection. "No. No," he said. "Maybe ... but a little less."

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Efron also had a strong opinion on what he looks for in a girl. (He's previously dated "High School Musical" co-star Vanessa Hudgens for three years, and had a brief fling with actress Lily Collins in spring 2012.)

"I think every single girl has something different and special about her. You find one who clicks with your vibe. Fate brings people together," he said. "But I think the most important thing for me in a relationship is honesty. In the beginning, sometimes girls don't show their genuine personality."

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But Efron's celebrity status may have actually hampered his search for a soulmate. When asked how he meets girls, the "Lucky One" star said, "I haven't met a girl properly ever."


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