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Shades of gray. Zayn Malik may be trying to cover every spectrum of the color wheel as it pertains to his hair.

The former One Direction member showed off a new silvery shade atop his head as he left a Los Angeles-area nightclub on Aug. 12. The results are part Silver Surfer, part aluminum can.

The former singer has a history of switching up his follicle hues, having gone green, orange, purple and white in the past. The silvery-gray hair, though, is every bit as prominent as the other tones (perhaps more so) because his hair is more grown out.

Perhaps this is a breakup color -- the hair equivalent to a revenge body -- considering he split with ex-fiancée Perrie Edwards in recent weeks.

How long he'll rock his on-purpose gray hair is anyone guess. Likewise, what part of the rainbow he'll throw on his head next is also unknown, but we're betting it will be something outlandish.