"16 and Pregnant" star Lindsey Harrison has a couple huge additions to her body.

The reality star, now 21, has gotten breast implants, but not just any implants — She's gotten the biggest implants available in the United States.

Yeah, they're big. Really big.

Multiple outlets report that Lindsey was an A cup before she got 800cc silicone implants, the maximum silicone implant available in the country. Doctors have long believed that it's far too risky to have implants any bigger than 800cc.

Lindsay, who is now Lindsey Nicholson after getting married last July, appeared in season 4 of the MTV show.

Her breast augmentation was done by Dr. Michael Salzhauer, who is also known as Dr. Miami. He has worked on many celebrities and reality stars in the past, including "Teen Mom" alums Briana DeJesus, Kailyn Lowry, and Mackenzie Douthit.

The doctor documented the boob job on Snapchat. In a video, he introduces the reality star by singing "Sunday, Booby Sunday" to the tune of U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday."

In Dr. Miami's videos, she explains why she wants to alter her breasts, saying it has to do with both motherhood and vanity, to an extent. Her daughter, Aliya, is now 4 years old.

"I breastfeed and went all the way to double D," she said, adding that her breast size decreased, leaving them less firm and with "lots of stretch marks."

Before the procedure, Dr. Miami explains that Lindsey's breasts are different sizes, so he is putting 750 cc in one and 800 in the other. In cup size, that's likely equivalent to a FF size.

Dr. Miami shows a before and after photo on his snapchat, and the difference is incredibly noticeable.

Lindsey seemed downright giddy before the surgery, taking to Twitter to share her thoughts on going under the knife with her more than 22,000 followers.

"Can't wait for my surgery in the morning," she said on April 2, later adding that she "Can't sleeeep."

She even posted a photo of the door to the clinic, where she says, "Here we go.!"

After the surgery, though, she seems understandably less enthusiastic.

"This nausea is no joke," she tweeted on April 3.