It's plain and simple ... Chrissy Teigen has been slaying the motherhood game since giving birth to her and John Legend's cutie pie Luna Simone Stephens on April 14, 2016.

"It's very loving and sweet," the "Cravings" author told Entertainment Tonight on May 17, 2016. "But it's not easy."

We can totally understand that it must be a challenge making her newborn a priority while juggling her hubby, her modeling career and time in the kitchen -- where she loves, loves, loves to cook.

But no matter what she says, the new mom has been making it all look pretty darn easy on Instagram. So take a look at 5 times Chrissy and her baby girl have brought nothing but pure bliss vibes on social media.

1. Little Lulu made her Instagram debut in her mommy's arms in a post about a month ago. The scene was so serene -- not a creature was stirring, not even their adorable dog. The pooch sat quietly nearby as Chrissy laid her hand gently on Luna's head.

hi my lulu!

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2. A week later, Chrissy shared a pic with the Snapchat flower-crown filter on, as baby Lu lay ever so peacefully and quietly on her chest. Mama and baby both looked content.

#nofilter 😁

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3. Bath time was a breeze! Chrissy shared a sweet snap of her little one not making a fuss whatsoever during her sponge bath. The model mom said Luna was so cute that it made her heart hurt.

bath time is tooooo cute! my heart, it hurts.

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4. According to an Instagram John Legend shared, Chrissy and baby had a very cozy Mother's Day. She lay next to her sleeping-beauty daughter wrapped up in blankets, adorably touching her tiny toes. So, so sweet, right?

Happy Mother's Day!!

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5. Chrissy made life with Luna look fun and easy when her mom shared an Instagram of her and her pals goofing off for a pic. Luna again lay tranquilly in her mama's arms while the gals made funny faces and threw peace signs.

Visiting Lulu #fablife 👶🏼❤️❤️

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Either Luna is just one great baby, or Chrissy is just one amazing mother, or both. But really, she is great at making motherhood look like a walk in the park.