Who says you have to be young to have fun with your Instagram?

If you're looking for someone new to follow and be inspired from on the social media app, look no further because Wonderwall.com is bringing you six senior women who are crushing it on Instagram.

1) Let's start with Helen Van Winkle, aka "Baddie Winkle." The 87-year-old has a been on red carpets and her fans include Nichole Richie and Miley Cyrus. She likes to wear outlandish clothing that includes a lot of rainbows, marijuana leaves and even celebrity references like "Drake would never treat me like this" and "Hotline Bling."

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and i know when that πŸ“±βœ¨

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Baddie wasn't always such an adventurous dresser. She opened up to Refinery29 about how she became "Baddie Winkle" after the deaths of her husband and son.

"You don't know what's going to happen to you. I blamed God forever," she said. "I cried all the time because I couldn't come to terms with it, so I made myself over into Baddie Winkle."

It all started with the first Instagram post.

Baddie explained, "One day, I was laying out in the sun, and I put on some tie-dyed shirt and a pair of cutoff shorts of my [great-]granddaughter Kennedy's. She came home and said, 'Oh, Granny, you look so cute! Let me take a pic of you.'"

Now dubbed the "coolest grandma" on Instagram, Baddie has 1.8 million followers.

2) While she hasn't hit the million followers mark like Baddie just yet, Iris Apfel has a feed that's just as colorful.

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#DS3 #dsautomobiles

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Iris is a businesswoman, interior designer and a fashion icon. She's also the star of a documentary with her name, "Iris." So it's no wonder she also has an Instagram following of over 219,000 that want to see photos of this 94-year-old in her eclectic home.

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#howtospendit #behindethescenes

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3) At 93-years-old, Chinami Mori's grandmother -- Emiko -- doesn't have her own Instagram. But Chinami shares photos of her grandmother that are full of life and character. Emiko models her grandaughter's bright weavings.

Her expressions are nothing short of amazing!

And, who can deny this wink?

"She's my favorite person in the whole world," Chinami told Instagram. "I make grandma happy, and that's just so much fun for me, too."

With the help of Emiko, Chinami has over 33,300 followers.

4) For Linda Rodin, her following of 89,700 has grown with the help of her dog Winks!

According to her site, the fashionista is in her 60s and has her own line of face oil called RODIN olio lusso. We love that she is not shy about posting close-ups of her face.

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At a distance, she looks like a model while hailing a taxi too!

5) Modeling comes natural for the world's oldest working professional model Daphne Selfe, who has been working the camera since 1949.

Even when she's on her way to a photoshoot, she puts on her serious face.

But for Daphne, its not all about work on her Instagram for her over 7,700 followers. In what may just be the sweetest photo on Instagram she wished everyone a Happy Valentine's Day with her love.

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Happy Valentines Day

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Are you crying yet?

6) If you need some words of wisdom on love, though, take a look at Beatrix Ost.

While she was Born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1940, Beatrix currently resides in New York City and Charlottesville, Virginia, according to her website.

The artist and writer shares photos that are stories in their own right, and then she throws in captions that will completely leave you in awe.

"And there it is, too much of a good thing-a wind will inevitably blow but you hold it in your memory for all there is to love…," she captioned this pic.

And this past Valentine's Day, she didn't have a date so she used the day to post a friendly reminder about self love while also throwing up a peace sign.

She wrote, "I am SOLO , the first time in my life ! Solo is not alone - Valentines are all around ! Food and Love is Art enough !! - The World is Valentin !!!"

The world is Beatrix!!!

As she wrote in the caption of this colorful photo,"Good company rubs off on you."

When you're in the company of these six ladies, that could not be more true!

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