Anne Hathaway has played a lot of roles on the big screen -- from a princess to an intern, and everything in between. But now, she can officially add rapper to her resume! The "Les Miserables" star battled it out with James Corden on "The Late Late Show" last night, May 25, 2016, during her appearance with Jim Sturgess. And, let's just put it simply when we say that the new mom S-L-A-Y-E-D.

James may have come at her with some pretty nasty comebacks, like talking about her "awful British accent" in the movie "One Day," or jabbing at her gig hosting the Oscars and her run-on acceptance speech when she won (At least she has an Academy Award, dude). He made digs at her movies like "The Princess Diaries," and joked that Halle Berry was the only Catwoman he acknowledged. But, trust us when we say that Anne still deserved her win.

Here are 6 times she totally obliterated the late-night host during his "Drop the Mic" rap battle segment:

1. Anne went straight for James' show ratings: "What do I do? I can't make fun of you James, because no one's heard of you," she started out. "Now that I have a chance to speak, I say your rhymes are like your ratings, they're incredibly weak."

2. She included a dig about his wife Julia Carey watching another late-night host: "Like your wife, I watch Seth Meyers instead!"

3. Whoa! Anne wasn't afraid to make fun of James' weight: "Are you also allergic to wearing suits that fit? Or did you just grow a couple of sizes since you got dressed," she joked. "You look like a KFC bucket with a lot of extra breast."

4. She didn't forget his foreign roots: "You're the worst British export since smallpox."

5. How about a little boy-band pun?: "I saw the One Direction game you did with that tattoo. The one direction that makes sense is away from you."

6. She finished him off with an expletive: "You're more full of s--- than a kitty litter box."

@annehathaway was SAVAGE last night. Full clip in bio!

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Oh, snap! We really had no idea that Anne had all of this sass in her. But, we love it. Even James admitted that her jokes were "a bit mean."