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Charlie Sheen could be spending a lot of time in court and spending a lot of time digging into his wallet after admitting that he is indeed HIV positive.

According to TMZ, 10 women who claimed to have slept with Charlie while he was infected with HIV have contacted one prominent Los Angeles attorney to set up appointments about lawsuits. Based on the number of women that Charlie has allegedly been involved with, that number is expected to grow.

They plan to sue for intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud and sexual battery. Some of the women claim they had sexual contact with the actor as recently as last month and he failed to tell them of his HIV status.

The website also quotes a source who said Charlie has had at least 200 partners over the past two years.

While revealing his status on "Today," Charlie admitted that he has paid "millions" to keep people quiet about his HIV. In a discussion with Matt Lauer, he said he hasn't paid "that many" people, but it's "enough to bring it into the millions." The host asked if Charlie was still paying people, to which he replied, "Not after today I'm not! I release myself from this prison today."

The "Major League" star said he contracted HIV four years ago, but he doesn't know where he got it from. He initially thought he had a brain tumor after waking up with migraines and night sweats. He found out the truth after he was hospitalized and doctors ran a gamut of tests.

"It's a hard three letters to absorb," he said. Earlier in the interview he said he was coming clean about his HIV status to "put a stop to this barrage, this onslaught of attacks and untruths."

In his revealing chat, Charlie said he has had sexual contact since he found out he was HIV positive, but he claims that he told all of his sexual partners ahead of time. In fact, he says, they "were under the care of my doctor."

But, several women -- his onetime "goddesses" -- say they knew nothing.

Bree Olsen told Howard Stern that Charlie, whom she lived with and dated in 2011, the time when he found out he was infected, "never said anything" about his status.

"I'm clean," he allegedly told her.

Another former "goddess," Natalie Kenly, said she, too, was never informed of his status, but she isn't infected and doesn't plan to sue.