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Don't tell Adele what to do.

The music star, 27, spoke candidly about her struggles as a new mother after delivering an expletive-laced attack on people who pressure new moms to breastfeed.

After a fan mentioned "breastfeeding mummies" during an informal Q&A session while she was on stage at her O2 Arena show in London on March 22, the singer and mother to 3-year-old son Angelo went off.

"You know what? The pressure on us is f------ ridiculous," she told the audience, as reported by Page Six. "All those people who put pressure on us can go f--- yourselves."

"It's hard," she added. "Some of us can't do it!"

She explained that she was only able to breastfeed her son with boyfriend Simon Konecki for nine weeks. "Some of my mates got post-natal depression from the way those midwives were talking. Idiots!" Adele said.

She encouraged her fans to do the best they can. "Breastfeed if you can, but don't worry, Aptamil [a British formula brand] is just as good," she continued, per Page Six.

After some audience members applauded, she explained further. "I mean I loved it, all I wanted to do was breastfeed my kid," she said, "and then I felt like, 'If I was in the jungle right now, back in the day, my kid would be dead because my milk's gone."

When that comment led to laughter, she made it clear she wasn't kidding. "It's not funny -- that's how some of us think!" she said.

Adele's personal revelations come on the heels of British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's announcement that he's planning to launch a campaign to get more women to breastfeed, which follows his crusade to improve the quality of school lunches.

Her rant also comes less than two weeks after an obsessed fan hacked personal photos, allegedly via her boyfriend's email account, and posted them on an Adele super-fan Facebook page.

The images showed Adele's then-newborn son Angelo wrapped in blanket, pictures of a pregnant Adele in her kitchen, a childhood photo of the singer sticking out her tongue, and even a pic of her lying in bed with a cigarette and bottle of champagne, reported The Sun on Sunday.