Tracy Gibney / Twitter 1 / 7
Tracy Gibney / Twitter 1 / 7

Adele made a very special dream come true!

A day after the premiere of her worldwide tour in Belfast, Adele surprised a terminally ill 12-year-old fan named Rebecca Gibney.

Rebecca suffers from cerebral palsy, epilepsy and blindness. The BBC reports that last year, she was told she would only have another six months to live.

Her mother Tracy Gibney started a Facebook page titled "Help make Rebecca's dream come true to meet Adele," a petition and tweeted to get the 27-year-old singer's attention.

Tracy told the BBC that Rebecca has been listening to Adele for years and will smile and try to sing along. Like a true Adele fan, she gets in a mood if anyone turns her music off.

On March 1, all of Tracy's efforts to reach Adele worked as the singer's manager gave Tracy a call to tell her that they would be at her house in an hour.

Tracy shared the moments of Adele meeting Rebecca in her bed with her stuffed animals and wrote, "I am so blessed and thankful that Adele came to my home today😘❤️." She added, "I will never for get this day and night my Rebecca and Adele xxxxx."

Adele is a mother herself to 3-year-old son Angelo, and she made Tracy proud as a mother.

"It's made me feel like I'm the best mummy in the world which I never felt," Tracy told the BBC. "Adele told me I was the best mummy in the world, too."

After Adele spent time with Rebecca, she gifted the family tickets to her concert that evening as her guests.