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Diminutive men need not apply when it comes to dating Adriana Lima, and that includes you, Justin Bieber!

Last year, there were racy whispers that the Victoria's Secret model and the "What Do You Mean" singer hooked up at the Cannes Film Festival. Adriana, who split with her husband of five years in 2014, staunchly denied those rumors, even saying that Justin doesn't meet her physical requirements.

"Let me tell, you, OK I'm gonna tell you this. Anybody below 6'7", you know how I call them?" she asked Andy Cohen on Dec. 3, before answering her own question, "friends."

Adriana's feisty response came after the "What Watch Happens Live" host brought up the report, asking, "I read somewhere that you and Justin Bieber hung out. Did you two ever date?"

"Where did you read that?" Adriana shot back, looking disgusted.

Andy attempted an explanation while Adriana kept pressing for answers. "Where? Where?" she asked.

The tension was palpable when Andy said, "I read it a year ago. It was kind of buzzing about."

Adriana, now stranger to being a subject of the rumor mill, rolled her eyes and said, "Oh my gosh, no, no."

Andy's questions weren't entirely out of line. In the same month that Adriana announced the end of her marriage to former NBA player Marko Jarić (who is 6'7", by the way), Us Weekly reported that The Biebs and the model hit it off.

"Justin pursued her hard. They were talking nonstop. They went home together around 5 a.m.," a source said at the time.

Adding fuel to the fire, Justin posted a photo of he and Adriana at the time. He captioned it, "I think she foreign, I think she foreign."

Adriana and Marco share two daughters, Valentina, six and Sienna, three.