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Mariah Carey is taking off too much for the takeoff.

According to a new report, several billboards near two Los Angeles-area airports that feature the singer have been banned for being too sexy.

TMZ said Mimi commissioned the billboards near the Burbank and Orange Country airports to promote her Las Vegas show at Caesars Palace. Both are huge feeder markets for Vegas, as many from population-heavy Los Angeles head to Sin City from those airports.

The airports had a huge problem with the sultry billboards that Mariah had put up, as her breasts are merely covered by a gold sheet.

The, ahem, "terminal sexpot" apparently funded the photo shoot for the billboards herself.

The website says that even Caesars Palace has a bit of an issue with the billboards and wants a more tame or more censored version (... and for Vegas to say they're too sexy, well, they may just be too sexy!).

For now, Mariah is still holding firm and pressing to keep the risqué billboards in tact, TMZ says.

Keep in mind, this is a woman who sings "Touch My Body." This may be the first ever case of touch but don't look.

The legendary diva isn't shy about her body. In a preview clip for her new E! show "Mariah's World" reality show, she wears a bustier with pantyhose and high heels to speak to the camera.

"Is this a normal outfit for people to wear? I don't know, but I'm at home and this is what I wear," she giggled during the opening scene in which she lies somewhat seductively on a floral coach.

Last month, she showed off her body on Instagram while wearing lingerie on a yacht with her fiance James Packer.

In June she again went a little over the top, wearing lingerie, fishnet stockings, a garter belt and Christian Louboutin's $945 black leather Marlenarock stilletto heels to a Las Vegas nightclub appearance.

Somewhere Right Said Fred is dedicating a song to Mariah that goes: "I'm too sexy for your airport."