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Alessandra Ambrosio has been engaged to Jamie Mazur since 2008, but you'd be hard pressed to find recent pictures of her wearing a ring.

Is there trouble in paradise? Hardly.

The Victoria's Secret model told Vogue that real reason she rarely wears her ring in public… She doesn't have one anymore.

"Jamie has given me some beautiful pieces of jewelry that I could never part with - like the first thing he gave me, I still have - although a few of them I have lost. I'm pretty bad for that," she said. "I actually lost my engagement ring a few years ago, so I do want to replace it. I don't know if he's going to make me replace it myself since I lost it!'"

Because the Brazilian bombshell hasn't been seen with a ring in some time, rumors have persisted that the couple is on the verge of a split. In 2013, Life & Style magazine said that the duo was "living apart" and pointed to the absent ring as proof that their relationship was doomed.

The couple appeared in public shortly after that, looking as happy as ever. Again, there was no ring in sight.

Alessandra and Jamie have two children together, seven-year-old daughter Anja and son Noah, 4.

Last December, a ringless Alessandra told Extra that a wedding date still isn't set, despite the fact that they've had an 8-year engagement. Work seems to get in the way and she seems to always be too busy for a silly old wedding.

"When I do the wedding, it's gonna be very special, so I want to take time for that," she said, making it clear that nuptials aren't the biggest priority in her life.

When they do eventually tie the knot (and who knows when that will be,) Jamie may need some dance lessons.

"He loves music, he loves rock," she said, " but, you know, he can't dance like me. He tries and it's cute, but he tries. We try to do the salsa and all that, but I just laugh."