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The fresh prince of shade! Reports have run rampant that "Dancing With The Stars" is trying to get Scott Disick aboard, but he's holding out for more money.

According to one former DWTS winner, Scott will do nothing to help ratings, even going so far as to say "he's not a star."

On Feb. 16, Alfonso Ribeiro ripped Scott while speaking to a TMZ film crew, saying that he doesn't care enough about Scott to even offer an opinion… But, he then offered a scathing opinion about Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy, proving that he does indeed know a few things about the oft-troubled reality star.

"I never know of him or care about him enough to have an opinion," Alfonso said while waiting for his car. "He's not a star. So, it's what, dancing with a guy who's married to a family who are stars, I guess?"

The former "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" star said he isn't convinced that Kim Kardashian West or Robert Kardashian did much to boost the ratings of the popular ABC show when they were once contestants, and they are legitimate reality stars -- Scott is simply Kardashian adjacent.

"I don't think anyone is tuning in for Scott Disick," he said, adding, "he's just a guy who hangs out in bars."

Rumor has it that Scott was offered a spot on the next season of the show, but he's demanding $500,000 to do it. Scott was apparently offered a guarantee of $125,000 to participate in season 22, and he'd make $345,000 if he got to the finals.

Scott's struggles with alcohol have been well-documented, and he even went to rehab last year for treatment. Alfonso said DWTS is sort of like a forced rehab, at least if you want to win. Maybe it do Scott some good, actually.

"You better get sober or you ain't going to finish," he said, "you'll be off that show very fast."