Amber Heard's horse Arrow knows more than all of us.

Just one day after news broke that Amber filed for divorce from Johnny Depp, her ex Tasya Van Ree posted photos of a horse that looks a lot like Arrow.

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Taysa and Amber dated for four years before they split in 2012, the year that Amber began dating Johnny. In 2012, Johnny made a wooing attempt by buying Amber a horse, according to E! Online.

Johnny had been riding a horse while shooting "The Lone Ranger" on location in New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado. Amber joined him on the trails with Arrow. A couple that rides horses together doesn't always stay together, though.

Arrow was a very special gift for Amber.

She told W magazine in 2014 about how her blood pressure would lower just by standing by her. "When I'm in Los Angeles, I come ride her five times a week," she said. "No matter how crazy things get, Arrow will immediately get me back to normal."

Whether or not this is actually Arrow or Amber is finding comfort in an ex-girlfriend, at least Arrow is there for her.

Since Amber did not have a prenup with Johnny, his $400 million dollar fortune is going to be a point of contention.

In her filing, she asked for spousal support while he reportedly asked the judge to toss Amber's request for support. Although this news came as a surprise to fans, Johnny was absent from Amber's 30th birthday party with friends in April, and a source told People that there were marriage concerns from the beginning.

"Before Amber met Johnny she was just a regular super cool hipster chick living with roommates who dated girls," a source told the magazine. "At their engagement party she kind of got cold feet... she was just like what is this scene and what am I doing here? She kind of couldn't believe it was her life now."

Their divorce is a little hard to believe, too, since the couple showed off plenty of PDA on red carpets throughout their romance.