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Baby's first show! "America's Next Top Model" alum Lisa Marie D'Amato welcomed a child on Thursday and was more than happy to let everyone know.

The birth was streamed live on Facebook on a friends' account and has over 4,000 views.

During the 28-minute video, Lisa is comforted by friends and her husband Adam Friedman as she lays in a hospital bed.

"Your body is a wonderland," Lisa says before the birth, adding, "My body is a wonderland."

She seemed in good spirits leading up to the birth, speaking to the camera about her "cute" OBGYN.

The video eventually gets fairly graphic, but the model remains calm through the actual birth, only expressing pain a few times. Her voice never raises.

"Hi baby, hi baby, I'm your mom," Lisa said as doctor's work on the child to get him to cry. Lisa breaks down and begins to cry just as the baby begins to cry.

"That was like three pushes," she said, shocked at how easy her labor was. She later addressed the camera, saying, "I can breathe and I don't have heartburn."

Her calmness throughout the birth and afterward is quite impressive. She often marvels at her child as doctors tend to him on a nearby table. "He's so cute," she says as the camera continues to roll.

Lisa and Adam named their child Venice Sire.

"I feel good," Adam says toward the end of the video, "two boys, and he's healthy."

The "ANTM All-Stars" winner married Adam, an entrepreneur, in October 2012.

"Today was wickedly magical!" she told Us Weekly at the time. "I'm overjoyed and blessed to find my soulmate and have a celebration that includes our close friends and family."

"I never believed in marriage," she continued. "Today went far and beyond my expectations of what love and life can bring."