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Protective much? Amy Duggar, who has been described as the "rebel cousin" of the Duggar family isn't allowed to hangout with her younger cousins unless it's done so at the controversial reality TV family's compound with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar present.

The highly-religious family is apparently worried Amy will essentially corrupt Jana, Jill, Jessa or Jinger Duggar.

The recently-married family member revealed the somewhat bizarre family rule on Instagram, saying that hangouts or sleepovers at Amy's house are entirely off limits.

It all started when one of Amy's 421,000 Instagram followers commented on an image of her wearing a "Gilmore Girls" sweatshirt.

"I have a question for you," the fan began. "Since your cousin's don't watch t.v., do they ever come over to your house and stay for a night?"

Amy responded, "Hey there! we've had a girls night before and have gone out to eat. It's a rule though that if I want to spend quality time with them I have to come see them."

She continued, "They don't want me to influence them. So I respect their standards and I don't fuss about it."

"It used to really bother me and then I realized that I just live knowing that God gives us grace," she added on Instagram. "I can only be myself and even though we don't see eye to eye on every little thing we are still family and I do still love them. :)."

Amy doesn't adhere to the strict rules that Jim Bob and Michelle place on their 19 kids. Last year she confirmed that she was born out of wedlock, which is enough to make the "19 Kids and Counting" family shudder.

She also drinks alcohol and offered it at her wedding to her husband Dillon in September 2015.

Amy also has no trouble speaking her mind on issues. Where as many of her family members vocalized their public support for Josh Duggar, Amy has blasted her disgraced cousin for preaching family values as he was cheating on his wife and often viewing pornography. The infidelity news came just after Josh admitted to molesting five girls, including his sisters, as a teenager.

Amy called Josh a "fraud," among other things.

"I knew nothing of the molestation charges, and I had no idea what the Ashley Madison site even was?," she wrote on her blog. "I was completely shocked just like the rest of the world; the only difference was I was being fitted for my wedding dress with tears running down my face and a glass of wine in my hand as the news broke."

"I wondered what the heck was going on? A million questions flooded my mind," she continued. "Rage came over me, sadness crept in, and reality sat in that the person I had known my entire life turned out to be a fraud, and a complete stranger. I've always heard that there were people in this world that lived a double life, but I never thought that someone so close to home would be living a lie."