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Angelina Jolie is preparing for war.

She's added two powerhouse attorneys to her legal team in the wake of her Sept. 19 divorce and custody filing against Brad Pitt.

On Oct. 2, TMZ reported that the actress and humanitarian, 41, hired lawyers Pierce O'Donnell and Bert Fields "in a move to bolster her team," which is being anchored by famed Hollywood divorce attorney Laura Wasser.

According to TMZ, "The explanation is simple: Pierce and Bert are accomplished trial lawyers who add firepower to the team."

It's an interesting development in Angelina and Brad's surprisingly dramatic split considering that just two days earlier, news leaked confirming the former couple had agreed to a temporary custody arrangement under the watchful eye of the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

That arrangement, TMZ reported, came two weeks after DCFS launched an investigation into allegations that Brad got into a drunken and reportedly physical argument involving one of their older boys during a Sept. 14 private plane flight.

The temporary agreement reportedly calls for Angelina to get physical custody of her and Brad's six kids until Oct. 20. Brad will have visitation, although a therapist will be present at the first meeting. Over the next three weeks, Brad will also be subjected to random drug and alcohol testing even though his first one reportedly came back negative.

Furthermore, he and Angelina both agreed to go to individual counseling as well as family counseling with the kids.

TMZ hinted that Angelina's new attorneys, who have reputations as formidable trial lawyers, were brought in so that she will be prepared should the divorce or custody battle end up in a courtroom.

The news also follows an Oct. 1 TMZ report that claims Angelina doesn't want Brad to face criminal prosecution for his alleged physical altercation with Maddox during the plane incident and that, should law enforcement choose to pursue legal charges against Brad, Angelina will remain silent and not participate. (It should be noted that Brad has not been charged with a crime.)

Last week, news broke that Angelina had also hired famed crisis manager Judy Smith, the woman who inspired the hit show "Scandal."

Bert is a Hollywood legal legend who's represented stars including the late Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Warren Beatty and more.

Pierce was once named one of the 100 Most Influential Lawyers in America by the National Law Journal.