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Katt Williams is gonna have to answer to the law for his fight with a 17-year-old kid, and so is the kid.

TMZ is reporting that Gainseville, Georgia police have charged the comedian and Luke Walse for disorderly conduct and a judge has issued arrest warrants for both of them.

Authorities said the fight included foul language that was used in front of minors, which is a violation of Katt's bond that stems from an arrest for assaulting one of his bodyguards. The 17-year-old was charged because in Georgia, 17-year-old offenders are considered adults.

The celebrity website said Katt's lawyer has been contacted by police and they discussed him turning himself in. If he doesn't, police will attempt to locate him.

The fight that he's in trouble for went viral last week after it was caught on camera.

In the clip, Katt, 42, can be seen in a chokehold, forcefully held down by a young boy as the gathering crowd begs the boy to release Katt.

It's not exactly clear how they got into that position, reports said. The boy claims that Katt punched him in the face first, but sources connected to the "Scary Movie 5" actor insist the young guy attacked Katt first and he was in defense mode.

For Katt, being in trouble with the law has been nothing new of late.

In early March he was accused of two claims on different coasts. The first claim came from five women who allege that the comedian held them up at gunpoint in Atlanta. The second allegation stems from a March 1 incident in which Katt is said to have punched someone for making fun of his height.

Both those claims came just a few days after Katt was arrested in Georgia for allegedly punching an employee at a pool supply company. He was arrested on the spot.

In a video recorded upon his release, Katt said the employee hurled racial slurs at him and accused him of being a criminal.

"Katt Williams did what Katt Wiliams had to do as a black man that is self employed," he told the video crew. "Then Katt Williams went out to the middle of the street and assumed the position so that the hard-working police officers that ran up on him with nine police cars and guns drawn understood that they weren't dealing with a criminal."

In 2013, he avoided jail time for a high speed chase. In 2012, he was arrested for child endangerment.