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"Hell and back." That's where "The Bachelor" star Ben Higgins says he put his current fiancé through during the tough reality show process.

As the reigning bachelor on the hit ABC series, Ben did something that's never been done in the show's 20 season history. The 26-year-old told both of the final women that he loved them.

Traditionally, both bachelors and bachelorettes have waited to say those three little words to their final pick. For Ben, the feelings were growing so strongly that he professed his love for both Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher, while there were still three women remaining. After saying goodbye to contestant Caila Quinn, Ben was left with a very touch decision.

Aside from being forced to choose between Lauren and JoJo, the fact that Ben told both women he loved them would ultimately be a major problem once the winner found out just how deep his feelings ran for her competitor.

While speaking to Us Weekly at the "Women Tell All" taping on Feb. 27, the Indiana born reality star opened up about the isssues it caused in his current relationship.

"I've had tough conversations. I put her through hell and back," Ben shared about the woman he's currently engaged to. "We continue to move forward because we continue to communicate. She's been supportive and loving, and ultimately we're going to get through it. We have gotten through it."

To help handle the fact that her fiancée was apparently falling in love with another woman at the same time, Ben shared that his top pick hasn't been watching every episode of the show. "She's seen a lot, but not a ton. There's moments where it's like, 'That sucks,' and of course it does," Ben explained.

Despite the challenges his love confessions have caused, Ben realized they led him to the place he is today, which he reports is "very happy."

The winner won't be known until the show's finale on March 14, but one of the final two women already caused a stir on social media last month. A photo of Lauren Bushnell surfaced on Instagram of the flight attendant wearing a ring on a very particular finger. The photo drama was ultimately dismissed, as it was reportedly taken before the show's taping, but it leaves us to wonder... maybe it was the real deal!