Did social media just spoil "The Bachelor" again?!

TMZ brought a photo on Instagram to everyone's attention Jan. 27, which features a certain frontrunner on the show sporting some bling on a certain finger. The photo was uncovered on Instagram, after being posted by both a friend and the sister of the contestant months ago.


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In the Instagram photo, Lauren Bushnell, the 25-year-old flight attendant from Marina Del Rey, seems to be wearing a sparkly ring on her left ring finger. The snap shows the blonde surrounded by her sister and two friends, and raised eyebrows when people assumed it meant she ends up the winner at the end of this season of "The Bachelor."

Despite clearly captivating the 20th season's bachelor, Ben Higgins, it appears social media did not spill the beans this time around. After investigating, TMZ is reporting that the original photo was taken in September 2015.

According to their "Bachelor" filming timeline, Ben picked his final lady in November, two months after the potentially incriminating picture was taken.

In June 2015, during the run of "The Bachelorette," Kaitlyn Bristowe revealed the winner of her season by posting a Snapchat of contestant Shawn Booth in bed. Fans of the show were outraged, as he ended up being the winner of that season of the show.

Fortunately for this season's "The Bachelor" fans, this time around the spoiler appears to be a false alarm. The future Mrs. Higgins remains a mystery!