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Jordan Rodgers had his eye on the prize from the beginning of the "Bachelorette," but the prize wasn't JoJo Fletcher, according to a new report.

For the controversial frontrunner on the current season of the ABC show, the prize was "The Bachelor."

Us Weekly is quoting a source close to the former NFL Quarterback who claims that he only went on the show to advance his career, knowing that his short-lived football career was over.

"He knew football wasn't going to work out," a source said, "and he wants to be famous desperately."

Jordan Rodgers, the brother of Green Bay Packers stud Aaron Rodgers, was cut by the Miami Dolphins in 2014, which was his last NFL gig.

He now works in business development for a sports-medicine company in Nashville, where he went to college. However, it seems that he'd rather be more of a public figure.

"Originally, Jordan wanted to go on 'The Bachelorette' to become the 'Bachelor,'" the source said. "That was his goal."

While many have tried to get on both ABC dating franchises, Jordan seemed to have an in already, allowing him to skirt most of the casting process and become one of the 26 potential suitors. Producers of the show never caught wind of his supposed scheme.

"He plotted this," the source said. "When they were casting him, they thought he was there for the right reasons."

However, after meeting JoJo, things changed for Jordan.

"Jordan was excited when he found out [the Bachelorette] was JoJo," according to the source. "In the beginning, yes, Jordan went on the show for his career. But then it 100 percent switched. He was really into JoJo. He definitely fell in love with her."

JoJo, though, was never quite sure about Jordan, having told him that she's aware of his previous relationship and how badly it ended.

"JoJo feels like Jordan is out of her league, for some reason," a show insider told Us. "Even though he says he's falling for her, JoJo is concerned that he's not as into her as she is into him."